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Work experience

  • Senior Product Manager - Paytm First Games
  1. Built and scaled Poker to $7Mn/year CM1 and top 5 platform by liquidity in the country. Responsible for the entire product roadmap, strategy and GTM. Launched new Poker formats, tournaments and the desktop platform
  2. Launched the entire task center suite enabling growth teams to run segmented engagement and retention campaigns thereby improving core revenue KPIs by 10%
  3. Researched and launched short form poker variants to widen TAM and reduce CAC, an automated tutorial bot (FTUE) for new users and industry first features like Pot of Gold to improve our D7 conversion
  • Founder - GTO Inspector
  1. Post game hand analysis: Built and launched an interactive dashboard globally to help poker players identify and fix their weak points by uploading hand histories to be compared against game theory optimal(GTO) solutions
  2. Consulted and helped built products for leading poker websites to combat fraud (multi-accounting, chip dumping, bonus abuse, collusion detection) and improve matchmaking efficiency
  3. Reached a peak MRR ≈ 4000USD with close to 100MAU. Product was used actively by every PLO poker professional in India and Poker stables for teaching advanced strategies
  4. My experience running this business can be found here
  • Associate Product Manager 2 - Flipkart
  1. Fraud prevention: Built a rule based fraud prevention framework successfully identifying and preventing RTO frauds and account takeovers leading to 15% reductions in CX escalations
  2. Data ingestion Platform: Worked on the central data platform building ingestion pipelines and analytics products
  3. Fintech: Researched and launched a late payment fee structure after A/B testing for the BNPL product leading to 2.5% increase in revenue without increase in NPA
  4. Access control: Defined and implemented an authentication and authorisation layer for the data platform and defined access controls for the PII data of 100M users increasing security and reliability
  5. Interactive PnL dashboard: Built an internal dashboard for business teams to help identify the profitability of shipments and optimize at a pin-code * product category * user demographic level
  6. Worked on the Insurance platform building the motor insurance product for both 4wheelers and 2 wheelers
  • Software Developer -OWASP Code Sprint `17 - ZSC Tool Project(Summer 2017)
  1. Worked on adding support for 64 bit Windows (using PEB )in Assembly while also implementing the opcoder.
  2. Added support for various encodings to OS X shellcodes.
  3. Worked on implementing a complex obfuscation module using code flattening techniques

Technologies Used: Python, x86 Assembly

  • Undergraduate Researcher - Wolfram Research(Summer 2017)
  1. Added a Network Analysis feature to Mathematica to visualise the packet stream in a real time manner to help in debugging systems and network issues reducing average testing time by 30%.
  2. Released as part of Mathematica 11.3 with support to plot time series graphs for analytics. Notebook can be found here

Technologies Used: C++, Wolfram Mathematica

  • Google Summer of Code 2017 with LabLua - HTTS network module

Worked with multiple mentors to add support for HTTPS CONNECT Tunnel, HTTPS Redirects, SNI tests and HTTP/2 support for Luasec HTTP networking library bringing it to release.

Technologies Used: Lua and a lot of networking concepts

  • Google Summer of Code 2016 with LabLua - Sailor Web Framework
  1. Integrated Elasticsearch with Sailor so that ES indexes can now be stored/searched as Sailor models, developed a config editor to change configuration without downtime greatly easing the development workflow.
  2. Worked on the centralised plugin system to integrate third party extensions into Sailor growing the community multifold. Proposal can be found here

Technologies Used: Lua, Elasticsearch REST API

  • Vedanta Resources Ltd. (Summer 2015)
  1. Analysed and automated the data reporting and logging system at the Jharsuguda Plant.Written in Python, Python-excel packages like openpyxl and xlutils.
  2. Conducted company wide surveys to identify bottlenecks in operation, implemented automated solutions and saved around 70 hours of manual labor monthly.

Technologies Used: Python, Python-excel packages like openpyxl, xlutils etc

  • Technical Lead - SSMS BITS Pilani (April 2015 - May 2016)
  1. Led a 4 member team to develop a billing and inventory management system used daily at all messes and canteens to handle transactions about 6 lakh Rupees monthly for all 4500 registered students.Written in PHP, MySQL.
  2. Responsible for smooth operations and timely bank transactions for the system which led to 99.99% availability and no major frauds till date.

Technologies Used : LAMP stack

  • Technical Lead - DoctorsNow(now https://getvisitapp.com/)(Oct 2014 - Mar 2015)
  1. Led the backend team of 3 to build the MVP for a patient doctor appointment booking system and other products for a healthcare startup.
  2. We developed 1 MVP and 2 products in the duration of 2 months and hit a MRR of 500$ on our MVP itself.

Technologies Used: PHP, Slim Framework, WebRTC for the video calls


Projects I have worked on in no particular order.

  • PintOS

Extended the OS by adding virtual memory, message passing queues, POSIX threads and OS-level semaphores. Implemented “fork” and “exec” system calls and the ability to run user program. Implemented indexed filesystem, hierarchical directory structure and buffer cache.

Technologies Used: C

  • Tracker

It is to help developers jump start developing any kind of mobility tracking applications. Tracker let’s any type or number of GPS enabled endpoints to send data to a NodeJs server which then maps their location history using Google Maps API.

Technologies Used: Javascript, NodeJS, Google Maps API

  • Portsmith

A secure Port Knocking Implementation in Python using single packet authorization. Uses TCP and IND-CCA secure requests to open a port on the server. Uses hping3 to craft TCP packets. The knock packet is encrypted using the key transferred from the server and then sent to the knockport. It gets logged into kern.log which is read by Portsmith. It is then decrypted and the required port is then opened for the sourceIP using a custom iptables command. There is also an integrated SOCKS proxy to perform knocks before routing application traffic. Currently working on a kernel module implementation using Netfilter hooks, nftables and cryptographic primitives instead of high level libraries.

Technologies Used: Python, Cryptography Library( Fernet Symmetric Encryption )

  • Peer to Peer Streaming Protocol

Was involved in the building a statistics module for an application layer streaming protocol in Python. It records information related to the stream, number of peers (audience) per minute, in/out of peers, total peers, etc. Wrote an graphical interface for viewing the numbers built using d3.js.

Technologies Used: Python, HTML/CSS, Javascript (D3.js)

  • MicroTracer

System Call tracer for Linux based systems which displays the syscalls used by a particular program in a neatly formatted manner without the complex details as shown by programs like strace.

Technologies Used: C


  • CSMS/CA layer for a generic protocol stack

Implemented a Carrier Sense Multiple access with collision avoidance (CSMS/CA) layer for a generic protocol stack which was presented at APOGEE 2015.

  • Economic Analysis of Data Breaches

Collected data about recent data breaches in the last one year to build a regression model for prediction and prevention of data breaches. Research thesis indicated that lack of policy understanding and low expenditure to be major factors for breaches. Successfully presented it as my undergraduate thesis for the M.Sc Economics Degree.

Coursework (outdated)

  • Computer Networks
  • Software Defined Networking
  • Operating Systems
  • Network Security
  • Cryptography
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Network Programming
  • Database Systems
  • Object Oriented Programming

Skills (outdated)

  • Programming Languages: Proficient in C, Python, Lua and PHP. Familiar with x86 Assembly, Javascript and HTML/CSS.
  • Web Frameworks: Sailor, Django, Flask, Slim, Laravel
  • Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch
  • Operating Systems: Linux, Windows
  • DevOps: AWS, Git, Ansible, Docker, Heroku
  • Reversing Tools: OllyDBG, GDB, Bless(hex editor), Hopper Disassembler


  • Gave a talk on MVC Web Frameworks and Google Summer of Code to a crowd of enthusiastic people at BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus

  • Gave a talk on “What is Product Management?” and “Building products for the next 100M users” at BITS Pilani while recruiting for the APM program at Flipkart

Positions of Responsibility

  • Technical Lead SSMS BITS Pilani ( April 2015 - May 2016).
  • Core Member, Department of Informalz responsible for organizing and conducting fun events in all the major festivals at BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus.
  • Member of Team Inspired Karters which builds an off-road vehicle for participating in BAJA-SAE(ATV Racing) around the globe.
  • Member of National Service Scheme, Pilani, Incharge of the Computer Literacy Programme for under privileged kids in and around Pilani.

Awards and Achievements

  • Top 0.1% in JEE Mains 2013
  • Best outgoing student award in secondary school for scoring a perfect 10 in CBSE exams.


  • M.Sc Economics and B.E Manufacturing at Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani, Pilani Campus graduating May 2018
  • Higher Secondary School: Narayana Junior College (M.P & E.V English Medium School), Visakapattinam
  • Secondary School: The Hindu Colony Chellammal Vidyalaya Senior Secondary School, Chennai