The magic words are squeamish ossifrage

“The Magic Words are Squeamish Ossifrage” was the solution to a challenge ciphertext posed by the inventors of the RSA cipher in 1977

Howdy! I have been bit busy with launching Pot limit Omaha ( a poker variant) at work and haven’t been able to write regularly. Launching PLO is extra special for me because it sort of makes my poker journey go full circle. From playing PLO professionally, to building products for professional PLO players to finally launching a PLO product as part of a poker website itself; its been a fun ride.

I was part of the Wolfram Summer school which ran during the summers of 2017 in the town of Boston, MA where I built a network sniffer function for their core product. It was a super hectic summer for me where I was simultaneously working on three different projects. I was attending the summer school in USA, doing my second GSoc project ( writing a HTTP2.0 implementation for a network lib) and was also part of the OWASP Code Sprint (worked on a tool for obfuscating assembly shellcodes). In hindsight, I learned an immense amount over the summer while also travelling around New York.

At the start of the summer school, we were asked to pick a topic and write a computational essay to get familiar with the basic functions of Mathematica. I wrote about the basic RSA system. The essay is embedded below. Feel free to run the code yourself.

More details on my summer school work can be found here

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