Make Poker fun again


Poker’s market cap is not growing at pace with the rest of the real money gaming ecosystem. E-sports and casual gaming are growing much faster (on a bigger base too) compared to real money gaming(and especially poker. Online Gaming has become ubiquitous especially in the post COVID world where people are staying more and more indoor and interacting with others online. online gaming has surpassed from being just an entertainment thing used by a bunch of geeks to mainstream extension of one’s identify online. It one of the top categories online in terms of spends as well.

Why is growth important?

There are bunch of vectors to drive growth. The direct way includes discounting, increased marketing burn etc whereas the harder way includes gamification, offering more products/services (cross-selling), community building, identifying profit pools in the value chain and building around them, etc

We want to craft a user experience which is much more than just Deposit Money-> Select table -> Start betting.

This article focuses on bring elements of games into poker to make it more fun and thereby drive growth. Using the Octalysis framework, we can look at some possible elements and understand how they may be applicable to poker. While its hard to wrap the actual betting mechanics/UX into a gamified journey, we can look at other adjacent flows too. The key elements of the framework include:

  1. A bigger narrative/meaning
  2. Feeling of progress and accomplishments
  3. Creative user participation
  4. Sense of ownership
  5. Social influence
  6. FOMO
  7. Unpredictability
  8. Loss avoidance

A bigger narrative/meaning

Feeling of progress and accomplishments

Creative user participation

Sense of ownership

Social influence



Loss avoidance


The core idea is to tailor make features which apply these concepts for your product, your community, your currency etc.

Poker products need not be just simple betting/gambling platforms. Poker can become a fun, skill-based game where people share their progress, discuss strategies, buy/sell in-game loyalty points, compare skill-scores, set avatars and also brag about their winnings.

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